The following documents should be downloaded for General Conference. They are being provided ahead of time so that the delegates (clergy and lay) have time to think about the contents.  If you have any changes to suggest or questions to ask, please be in touch with the chair of the Study Team. Their email addresses are provided on the cover of their reports.

If you are printing these documents to put in a binder, the order of the documents is indicated by the tab notations.  If your printer has the capability of two-sided printing, you will want to do that since some of these reports are quite long.  Some of the reports are not yet available–we will add them as soon as we can.

Tab 1 – Agenda [pdf]

Tab 1 – Standing Rules [pdf]

Tab 1 – Parliamentary Procedure [pdf]

Tab 2 – National Leadership Team Report [pdf]

Tab 3 – Board of Administration Report [pdf]

Tab 3 – Nominating Committee [pdf]

Tab 4 – Systems Analysis Task Team Report [pdf]Revised April 13, pp 2, 46

Tab 5 – Healthy Churches – Here and Beyond [pdf] Revised Apr 13, p. 5

Tab 6 – Developing Godly, Competent Leaders for Today and Tomorrow – Part 1 [pdf]

Tab 6 – Developing Godly, Competent Leaders-Part 2 (Manual edits to Chapter 8)

Tab 7 – Careful Thinking About God’s Truth [pdf]Revised Apr 7, 2011

Tab 8 – Free Methodist Foundation [pdf]

Tab 8 – Lorne Park Foundation [pdf]

Tab 9 – Affiliated Ministries Reports:

Resolutions: Download 2011 Resolutions to Conference added May 12, 2011

Miscellaneous: Table of Contents [pdf] for binder – Revised April 7, 2011