CliffsNotes – July 18, 2017

Last Sunday I was at the Hampton Free Methodist Church. You heard them share their inspiring story at General Conference on how their focus is on being a Community Centre. They came to this Ministry Plan by prayerfully and carefully considering the needs of their community. They asked if “we build a building, how will it benefit our neighbourhood?” In other words, “It’s not about us!”

And after service, surprise, surprise, we ate – a delicious Ghanaian feast.

This past week Karlene and I had a wonderful time with very warm and friendly campers and staff at Arlington Beach Camp.  I recall hearing that they ministered to approximately 150 children and youth during family camp! There was a sweet spirit in all the services and challenging seminars by gifted teachers. Thank you, Arlington Beach for a job well done!

I have also heard good reports from Maple Grove Family Camp.

Karlene and I will be spending the next week and a half meeting many of our pastors in the Saskatchewan and Alberta area.

Pastors, I’d like to thank you.

As I schmoozed around Arlington Beach, and as I have visited with churches, I hear good stories about you. I also hear stories about conflict in your churches. I want to thank you for your sacrifice: for giving up weekends, promotions, expensive toys and I want to thank you for giving up several nights on any given week because that’s the only time people can meet. I want to thank you for loving people who sometimes are hard to love. I want to thank you for initiating reconciliation, and choosing not to fight back when it would be easier to strike out and protect yourself.

Almost every Christian experiences a crisis of faith (times we doubt or feel dull spiritually), but you have the unusual and unenviable position that even though you might be experiencing this, still you have to get up in front of your church family and open up the Scriptures Sunday after Sunday and give a sermon. In fact, those very sermons are judged – families jump into their cars and ask the question, “Did you like the sermon?” As if a sermon is to be liked or not liked! Your sermons are compared to radio and TV preachers whose only job is to write a sermon – not to get to know newcomers, make visits to the hospital, go to planning meetings, volunteer at a drop-in centre, show up for a youth event, help at VBS, read Cliff’s Notes, attend and lead prayer meetings, disciple leaders, go to Network meetings and for some of us, have a second job because their church can only pay part-time, etc, etc, etc! Sorry that this happens, but thank you for not being defensive and continuing to persevere.

Thank you for your commitment to learn: to take courses on how to preach more effectively, on being a better leader, to pray, to disciple more like Jesus. Thank you for pursuing and modelling a healthy family. Thank you, pastors, for doing something most professionals don’t: have an accountability partner that challenges you forward. Thank you for not quitting this week! Thank you for desiring (and practicing) to become better listeners to God.

He, our Father, delights in you and we love you.


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