Final Regional Gathering to take place this weekend

regional-gatheringThe Final Regional Gathering will take place on June 12 in Merritt, BC. The purpose of the gatherings has been:

  • To introduce local church leaders to one another so that they can build relationships and potentially
    give assistance to one another
  • To vision-cast to lay leaders and pastors between General Conferences
  • To increase missional momentum, and counter-act feelings of isolation
  • To facilitate the formation of partnerships through which local churches in a region might respond to
    the possibility of planting a church in Canada or sending out a cross-cultural worker to a ministry beyond
    Canada or helping one another (e.g. work teams to help one another with construction projects) in other

They have proven to be a great place of connection over the last several months. Here are some pictures from the previous Regional Gathering in Ellice, AB ::: visit the photo gallery :::