• Population: 67,741,401
  • Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians 0.5% – Annual Growth 3.6%


Mission District

  • Ministry Began: 2000
  • FM Churches: 3
  • FM Membership: 80
  • Ordained Ministers: 1
  • Ministerial Candidates: 2
  • Ecclesiastical Oversight: FMWM through Area Director Eric Spangler in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Conference


In July 2000, Art and Pat Chutong began Free Methodist missions work in Thailand in cooperation with the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church of North America.

Present Ministries

Current ministry centers around Chiang Mai, with one healthy church, a missionary team, and several key national leaders. In addition to two church-planting projects in Chiang Rai and Chaiyapum, at least three other points of ministry have been established which may lead to new churches.

Chansouk Piengkham

New Heights FMC in Mission, BC, has been Chan’s home church and active support base while he has been ministering in SouthEast Asia for more than a decade. For quite a few years he lived in an unnamed “creative access country” in the region, but for the last few years he has been a part of the FMC church planting team in Thailand.

Chan’s particular responsibilities include evangelism, discipleship and leadership development among peoples of Laotian background in northern Thailand.

Country Ministry Canadian dollars*

Partnering with the Thailand FMC Mission District will help provide resources for the following ministry initiatives and projects:

Associate Missionary: Chansouk Piengkham Salary Support

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