Prepare for your Church Digital Giving Launch…

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Once you have your digital giving account in place, have all your leaders and board members test it out.  This will also provide you with valuable feedback on how to best introduce digital giving at your church and make sure that they are enthusiastic about these new ways to give to your church.

  • Download the “INTRODUCING NEW WAYS TO GIVE BULLETIN.” You will need to insert your church name (3x) and your church website (1x) before printing.  This is designed to help those that prefer/require information presented in text format that is presented in a linear, logical and sequentially presented.
  • Download the “DIGITAL GIVING LAUNCH POWER POINT.” These slides are designed to help you walk through the points on the INTRODUCING NEW WAYS TO GIVE BULLETIN in a more visual format. Feel free to update the slides with your logo/church name.
  • Have a few trusted individuals that are familiar with the digital giving process ready with iPads or laptops for the first couple of weeks to help those uncomfortable with computers and walk them through the give options and if they wanted, setting up a account.  Make sure they are careful to let the person they are helping remain in full control of what they are entering.  For example, they can open the Give Form and explain the process and the screens but they let the individual fill in any financial details/options in full privacy.
  • On your Launch Sunday, take time to enthusiastically introduce new giving tools to your community (people respond to enthusiasm). If they see the church leaders are behind it, they will get behind it as well.  Make sure that you present these new ways to give in a way that speaks to both languages (digital immigrant and digital native)
  • Follow your Launch Sunday with an EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT (Download Sample Below). Send an email the following week to re-announcing the new tools, explaining why they are important and include a link to the web-page / app. This will have those that need the steps in text format in hand when they first give digitally.
  • Download or create a CHURCH GIVING PEW CARD (See Sample Below) – showing the choices new members and visitors have when giving to the church.
  • Create a PERMANENT PLACE IN THE BULLETIN (See Sample Below) – this is a simple reminder in the bulletin about the choices your members have when giving to the church.
  • Download (or create your own) CHURCH OFFERTORY SLIDE to be used during offertory which lets new people know of all the ways they can support the vision and ministry of your church through their generosity.
  • Remember to include Digital Givers in your Offering Prayer – Remember. Giving in any form, is an act of worship and a spiritual disciple (just like prayer). Don’t let them feel ‘second-class’.  Celebrate their faithfulness and generous stewardship through their digital giving – both within the service on the give app but also those that give online or have setup recurring monthly giving to support the ministries of your church.  There may be some that feel a strong need to place something in the offering plate.  This is important to them and part of how they worship.  Some churches have prepared cards or tokens that represents that they gave online, or through the app while in the service, or have set up recurring giving.  Their digital giving is just as much an act of worship as those that give by cash or cheque.
  • Say “THANK YOU!” – Remember. Giving in any form, is an act of worship and a spiritual disciple (just like prayer). Don’t let them feel ‘second-class’.  Celebrate their faithfulness and generous stewardship through their digital giving – both within the service on the give app but also those that give online or have setup recurring monthly giving to support the ministries









SAMPLE 3×8 CHURCH GIVING PEW CARDS (Click to Download): 



Worship Through Giving….

We are honoured that you want to give to our church because we believe that all giving to God is an act of worship and a spiritual discipline – just like prayer.  We want to make your experience of giving as simple and joyful as possible through the following options and tools. If you need instructions or assistance, please contact someone in the church office.

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offering-slide_1 offering-slide_2 offering-slide_3 offering-slide_4 offering-slide_5 offering-slide_6 offering-slide_7


checkbox Review Online Videos:

  2. Seminar:  DIGITAL GIVING Q+A
checkbox Create a church account online at

  1. Ensure the Address, Phone and Memo fields are required (needed for income tax receipt purposes)
  2. Request apply the FMCiC Denomination Rate
  3. Update the Giving Form with your church logo (optional)
  4. Customize the Thank You Email (optional)

Recommended Church Giving Policy in place (approved by BOARD) and added to website:

Please Note: Spending is confined to Official Church Board Approved funds, programs, and projects. Each contribution will be used as designated by the donor with the understanding that when that particular fund, program, or project has been fully funded or cannot be completed for reasons determined by the Official Church Board, contributions so designated will be used where most needed.

checkbox Get Your Website/Kiosk Ready:

  1. Add the Give Widget in a prominent position on the website
  2. Add the Church Giving Policy to your website (if not already done)
  3. Optional – Setup Giving Kiosk(s) in the church lobby. Have trained people ready to help people get started with digital giving
checkbox Prepare for Launch Sunday Toolbox:

  1. Download/Customize Digital Giving Bulletin with your church name/website
  2. Download/Customize Launch Sunday PowerPoint Slides (to be used with Digital Giving Bulletin)
  3. Download/Customize Offering PowerPoint Slide (to be used in future offertory)
  4. Create On-stage Announcements (to be used in future offertory)
  5. Create Email Notice (to be sent out after Launch Sunday and to any new people wanting information on digital giving to your church)
  6. Create Recurring Bulletin Giving Options Note (to be inserted in a permanent spot in your bulletin)