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A Church of Safe People

I was listening to a podcast recently. Not bragging, just saying. The podcast in question was for leaders and it had some really good advice.  The conversation was about finding safe people. The gist of it was that we need to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with folks who will […]

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Back from Sabbatical

I am back.  Miss me? Thank you to the many of you who reached out to let me know you were praying for me while I was on my Sabbatical.  And, thank you to the many of you who wished me well, it was very much appreciated. So how was

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Word is getting out that I am going to be taking a Sabbatical during December 2022 and January 2023. And I know that’s short notice. Sorry about that. But getting here has been a bit of a process for me.When asked about the topic of a Sabbatical, I would always

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An Overdue Thank You!

The following needs to be said. It is long overdue, and I apologize for that. Thank you pastors.   This has been a long weird season, and you have had to servant lead through it even though there really wasn’t a “Get Through the Pandemic” class.  It has felt like a

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My Church…

The church I grew up in is turning 100 years old. I have been seeing letters and Facebook posts, pictures, and videos celebrating this milestone, and it’s been nice because I liked my church when I was growing up. It was a good place. I have been thinking about the

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There are Still Good Stories

For the most of my adult life I have lived at least two provinces away from my folks, so, like any good son, I check in with them at least every couple of weeks. Back in olden times, those check-ins were full conversations with lots of stories and catching up,

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