Maturing Christians long to be responsible stewards of the resources with which God has entrusted us. The Generous Steward Ministry exists to help the people of The Free Methodist Church in Canada (FMCiC) become fully-surrendered stewards for Christ. We believe the foundation of stewardship is faith in Christ and a desire to serve Him.

This is not a “fundraising” ministry. Our focus is on what we want for people rather than what we can get from them. For you – not from you. This is not a means to an end – the end being writing a cheque. This is about helping people write a new script for their lives. A script that includes generosity – not just with their treasure, but also their time and their talents.

The FMCiC has a rich legacy of generosity. We are a people committed to meeting the needs of others – spiritually, emotionally, physically. In more recent years our commitment, while vocalized, is not as evident in our actions. We, the people of the FMCiC, have not been immune to the disease of materialism. Our church, along with many other evangelical denominations, struggles with the tension between how God wants us to live and how society tells us we should live. We recognize this and don’t want to continue down this path. We want to live as fully devoted followers of Christ in all areas of our lives.

The FMCIC Stewardship Ministry exists to make known to people everywhere the biblical principles of stewardship and to equip them to live as faithful stewards.

The vision of FMCIC Stewardship Ministry is to see generous people meeting the needs of others in Canada and beyond.

The Stewardship Ministry of the FMCIC aims to resource the ministry of its local congregations to:

  • Facilitate stewardship education;
  • Motivate and equip for whole life transformation;
  • Cultivate those who desire to invest through gift planning;
  • Invest resources strategically – time talent, treasure;
  • Celebrate generosity.

Regional Volunteers
Since Canada is a huge country geographically it is difficult for one person to adequately support all our churches across Canada. In addition our congregations are diverse in many respects. We want to celebrate this diversity and ensure that each church is being resourced appropriately. We will recruit people from across Canada who will assist us in fulfilling our ministry as volunteers. They will work closely with the Stewardship Development Director as well as the Stewardship Coordinators in each local church.

Regional Volunteers will assist churches in their geographic area by providing biblically based stewardship resources, training and support. Through their interaction with local churches, they will be able to provide valuable insight and information to us at the national level so that we can in turn provide appropriate support and resources to them.

Regional Volunteers will receive training through our Stewardship Ministry as well as other organizations such as Crown Financial. We will also provide them with opportunities to grow their stewardship and planned giving knowledge through professional development.

If you are interested in finding out more information about becoming a Regional Volunteer, please contact Sandy Crozier, Stewardship Development Director at: [email protected].