Why a New Vision Video?

I recently spoke with Lisa Howden, Communications Coordinator, to get the scoop on the new Vision Video.

“The original vision video came about came about because a lot of people were trying to communicate what the Free Methodist Church in Canada was all about.  We decided it would be a good idea to outline it all in a video.  It was very successful and used quite often but that was ten years ago.  We decided it was time to update the video and add some interviews about how people feel about the vision and how it supports our whole posture on healthy churches.”

The Vision Video shares with viewers the vision of our movement: “to see a healthy church within the reach of all peoples in Canada and beyond.”  It’s a great tool in a membership class, for a newly elected church board, for lay leaders serving in FM local churches, or for anyone wanting to know more about The Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Check it out!