Singing to Jesus

A few weeks ago, Pastor Cliff and Karlene Fletcher spent the morning at New Horizons Free Methodist Church in Sarnia, ON. After the worship team sang a few songs and prior to Pastor Cliff speaking about prayer, Karlene sat down at the grand piano and sang You Say by Lauren Daigle.

Lauren Daigle is an American Christian songwriter who wrote You Say when she was struggling with feelings inadequacy.  The song is a reminder of God’s strength and how He sees us.  Karlene was hesitant to sing this song because it is popular right now, however, “So many people I know or work with are affected by mental health issues. I believe that Canadian culture has postured itself away from God so that we no longer know who we are to Him. We do not fully understand how much He wants to be an active part of our lives because He loves us.”

Music has been part of Karlene’s life for a long time.  She studied music at university where her minor was vocal.  Karlene teaches kindergarten music and grades 4-8 vocal and instrumental music.  She plays the piano, french horn, alto saxophone, drums and recently picked up the ukulele.  

Worship music has always resonated with Karlene, “My dad loved to sing to Jesus, and he instilled that in me.  At one time, I had vocal difficulties and needed surgery. God showed me other ways to worship that deepened my understanding of worship and the Trinity. Dancing, writing, silence, hospitality and service are all ways to worship God.”

Karlene does not sing at every church she and Bishop Cliff visit, but she explains, “Cliff and I have been partnered in ministry for twenty-six years. I like being able to share my gifts in this way alongside him.  This ministry is important because I hope it helps people connect to me and see a bit of my heart for God.”

By Alison McKinnon

FMCiC Writer