Set Free Durham

Set Free Durham is an initiative born out of a desire to educate and bring awareness to the alarming growth of human trafficking in Durham Region. To date, members of 15 churches in Durham Region have come together to unite and take a stand against human trafficking in our area.  Set Free Durham wants to end  modern day slavery in the Durham Region and create new futures.  They engage in smart, effective, sustainable and collaborative action toward raising awareness, prevention, protection and restoration.

Blake Found, pastor at Uxbridge FMC, in Uxbridge, ON, spoke at the Fall Ministers Conference and General Conference about Set Free Durham. “I started Set Free Durham while interning at Whitby FMC, in Whitby, ON.  Cliff Fletcher approached me because they were interested in learning about human trafficking in the region and how they could respond.”

Blake started by speaking with victims services and local police.  He soon discovered that other churches were asking the same questions.  Blake connected with these churches and discovered they were all at the research stage.  “We decided to collaborate and be a united front as the church of Durham rather than individuals.  It started with Whitby doing something, then other Free Methodist churches in the area (Trulls Road, Freeway and Uxbridge) joined in and then it grew into an interdenominational initiative.

This video of Blake’s presentation at the Fall Minister’s Conference provides further details about human trafficking and the Set Free Durham initiative.

Is human trafficking happening in your city or region?  Blake suggests you speak with your local police department or victims services.  “Start the conversation by asking them if human trafficking is a thing here?  Some police departments might not be aware of it but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.  Victim services or other shelters might be able to direct you to the right people.  Ask the right questions and the right people.”

If you would like to know more about Set Free Durham please contact Blake Found at Uxbridge FMC.