People praying together

Seeking Revival | Submitted by Ken Roth

“Many peoples and the inhabitants of many cities will yet come, and the inhabitants of one city will go to another and say, ‘Let us go at once to entreat [pray to] the LORD and seek the LORD Almighty. I myself am going.’”

Many people have been asking me if I have heard about what is happening on the Asbury campus. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each of our churches started to see God moving upon us and reviving us in that way? I don’t know why He has chosen to move in this way at this time, but I know, from the interviews that I have watched and read, there have been people praying for this.

After that first chapel, when most people left at regular dismissal, about 30 students stayed behind to pray and seek the Lord. The Holy Spirit showed up and people slowly started streaming back into the room. Hundreds have been meeting with God, in very real ways for days since then. They say that there is no program but a sense of the ordering of the Holy Spirit….and people are being revived!

Perhaps the same wind of the Spirit is starting to blow among us. I do not believe that it was happen-chance that Bishop Cliff called us to devote the first week of the year to prayer and fasting for our family of churches. Nor do I believe it was just spiritual zeal that led us to call for daily prayer meetings for the following week. Nor do I believe that the roughly 30 people that have been gathering online, as they have been able to, for the past 6 weeks, is just a random happening.

I believe God is stirring up a spirit of prayer in us. Prayer is one of the first things to drop out of the life of a church and one of the hardest things to revive in a church. But when there is a revival of prayer, there will be a revival of power.

The passage I quoted above is a prophetic word about the day when people from various cities and nations will come to seek God in His House of Prayer. My prayer is that you, as a pastoral leader and those who are prayer point people, will invite those in your church to join you for these prayer times. It may be as simple as asking your people to participate and offer to do a devotional the first Monday of each month, or that you are going to get 26 of your people to sign up for each day of the month, or you ask your people just show up once a week (even if you didn’t sign up). We have about 135 churches and about 75 prayer point people.

Can we make prayer “Priority One”, ahead of all the other good activities we will do? Someone has described revival as “the acceleration of the normal work of the Holy Spirit”. I’m praying for an acceleration.

Will you join us?