As we continue to become a movement of churches that focuses on loving and serving our neighbourhoods and communities, we know we’re in need of the power of God. Together, we want to drive into this rich and deep mystery of prayer because we believe that prayer is the key to unlock the power of God.

Prioritizing the posture of prayer, FMCIC is working towards implementing a National Prayer Team, lead by Bishop Cliff and Ken Roth. In addition to the National Team, we desire to have a Prayer Point individual from every church in the FMCIC that will act as a Prayer Catalyst. In addition to inspiring our local churches to pray, these individuals will become a conduit for prayer requests and communication with the broader FMCIC.

We want to share the needs of those in our movement and share the good news when prayers are answered. Join with us in praying for our neighbourhoods, our churches and our beautiful home of Canada.

Heavenly Father,

What manner of praise could we offer, for the good things you’ve given us? In moments of mystery or on mountain tops, your love sustains us. How beautiful the promises you have for us as your children. One of your promises is that you’ll hear us when we call, that your ear turns towards us and you won’t pass us by.

God, would you make us a people whose lives are marked with prayer and presence. That we would be a people who notice your waves of mercy as they crash on those in our neighbourhoods, in our churches, and in our country.

We ask Father, that we would be a movement which hears the hum of your Spirit, rippling through the earth like a stream, and tune our hands and feet to where your Spirit is working, joining you there.

Your law is freedom, and mercy is your rule, and though you dwell within us, we can’t contain you and we desire to see you move powerfully throughout our entire nation.

Remind us of your truth.
Remind us of your promise.
Remind us of the power of prayer.
Remind us we are your hands and feet.
Remind us we are your Beloved.
In the strong, holy and uniting name of Jesus,