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“Global Poverty” is a small label for a BIG problem.

And for many of us as Christians, it’s one we instinctively feel we should respond to – but responding in a way that works well is a challenge. How do we make sure our desire to help doesn’t actually hurt those we seek to serve?

Tearfund Canada has partnered with The Free Methodist Church in Canada for many years, and they have produced a series of short films to help churches think through their work with those living in material poverty.

When Helping Hurts / Tearfund from Tearfund on Vimeo.


The following six-video series can be used by your church in helping your church respond to local and global poverty.

Part 1: Reconsidering the Meaning Of Poverty

Part 2: Seeing God at Work

Part 3: Understanding Why Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Part 4: Joining God’s Work

Part 5: Fostering Change

Part 6: Moving Forward


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Click here to download the

When Helpin Hurts Book

The Free Methodist Church in Canada partners with Tearfund  Canada (formally World Relief)  in relief efforts around the world and through the work of our Intercultural Engagement Team (IET).

Tearfund Canada
We are Christians passionate about ending poverty, called to follow Jesus wherever the need is greatest. We work with God’s church in the very poorest places on Earth to help unlock people’s God-given potential to create flourishing and resilient communities. When disaster strikes we are there to provide emergency relief and comfort to victims of natural and man-made disasters.