Advisors with Purpose FAQ


Who is ADVISORS with Purpose?

  • ADVISORS with Purpose™ is a non-denominational Christian ministry organization committed to serving donors, charities and ministries to release more resources for God’s Kingdom.
  • They work in partnership with charities and provide Christian planned giving specialists who can helping donors through a strategic planned giving process.

Is it a charity?

  • ADVISORS with Purpose™ is part of the Financial Discipleship Canada Family of Ministries.
  • They do not compete with charities – rather they help to direct money to Christian charities.

What is the partnership between FMCIC and ADVISORS with Purpose?

  • We have partnered with them so that we can connect our churches and pastors with qualified financial specialists who can help plan for a Will that reflects your faith, values and desires.
  • We are told that this is an often overlooked area of charitable giving and that it can have significant impact on the long term sustainability of the work that we and other charities do.
  • They help people give in ways that are not only biblically sound but strategic and this helps release more to help build the Kingdom – specifically through helping you redirect money and assets from your estate that would have gone to government in taxes to Christian charities.

Do they charge you for this service?

  • We pay them a monthly fee to help us in this specialty area – this partnering allows us to focus on our area of ministry and work while they focus on theirs.

Will there be a charge for me if I contact them?

  • No, this service is free to you
  • You can call them for general advice and answers but the real power in helping to further the Kingdom is when they walk you through a complete estate planning process.

Can I test the service out?

  • Absolutely. You may wish to start out by trying out the Giving Gateway at  This is a completely confidential simple app that allows you to add your information and get an overview of some options that might be available to you. If you think that you would like more details, a personalized plan and have your questions answered, you can then speak to an Estate Specialist.
  • When you first meet with an Estate Specialist, you may prefer using general numbers rather than your actual ones and that’s ok. If you find you are receiving beneficial information and advice, you can then use your real information.

Is there any benefit to me if I am not really wealthy?

  • The staff at ADVISORS with Purpose have shown us that most of the average person’s financial worth is in non-cash forms like RRSP assets, life insurance, your house and your vacation home for example and that some of these are the very things that create tax bills at the time of death.
  • They tell us that even the most modest family can benefit from estate planning.

What if I am not really good with understanding financial stuff?

  • The process is more about helping you create a meaningful legacy through your Will.
  • Their specialists will listen to you and your heart and values and speak to you in plain language.
  • At the end of the process they will provide you with a folder with your estate plan in it – again in easy to understand language.
  • You can then take this to a lawyer and have him/her draw up a Will for you.

Will the church get a copy of this?

  • No – this is a confidential process and ADVISORS with Purpose will not disclose any of your information.