This past December I saw a bunch of familiar faces pop up on the Kingsview FMC Facebook page.  Turns out these happy smiling folks were preparing a whole bunch of pancakes as part of Kipling Collegiate Institute’s annual Christmas Breakfast.  I spoke with Pastor Darrin Lindsay to get the scoop.


Kipling CI is a high school located in the Etobicoke area of Toronto and each year they have a Christmas Breakfast to raise funds for the school.   It’s cool that a school with a predominantly Muslim student body continues to include Christmas among their other annual festivities.

Twenty volunteers from Kingsview FMC served up pancakes to over 200 students and staff using bowls and electric griddles donated by church members.   Darrin told me, “It’s a really nice event and a good fit for us since Kingsview does food well!  And it’s a way for us to say, “Hey, we are here supporting you.”  It’s also a great time to reconnect with students who were part of our homework club and meet new youth.”


Darrin also spoke about Kingsview’s connections within the community, “As a congregation we’re committed to helping build up our community, i.e. to love our neighbours and the local high school is one of those places.  Pastor John-Mark was recently elected Chair of the Parent Council and our Studio 15 program staff & volunteers are working with the principal to launch a new breakfast program.  In advance, God has prepared these good works for us to do and we’re trying our best to be faithful to His calling.”

You just never know where a little pancake flipping will take you.

Check out all the photos on Flickr.