News from Niger

dave-Jenn-wrightHeading Back to Canada
It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of our 4 years in Niamey! We have learned a lot (and probably still have a lot to learn). We are looking forward to being back in Canada for the 2011-2012 school year and seeing many of you face to face once more. In order to provide closure for the boys, we have decided to stay until the end of the school year and don’t expect to be home for General Conference.

This was a hard decision to make because Conference is such a great opportunity to connect with so many of you. Please pray for all the details that will need to come together in the next few months as we prepare to go home: finding storage for our things here, finding a place to live there, finding a vehicle to use while in Canada, doctors appointments, getting the kid’s enrolled in school, arranging church visits, packing and unpacking. I am tired just thinking about it!

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