the free methodist church in canada

National Prayer Ministry

National Prayer Week ::: January 1-7, 2023

Please pray for this new season in the Free Methodist Church in Canada. We are inviting all of our churches to participate in a week of prayer and fasting. 

Fasting is prayer more than words, sometimes better than us simply using our words! It’s your spirit and body engaging in prayer. Fasting is a little bit like the most sincere and urgent emoji, or underlining, or bolding. So please take a meal or two to fast for the FMCiC family.

The following is a prayer guide. My hope is that you not only intercede for the following, but LISTEN daily to the Spirit for each of the following. Listen for what He may say to you about your personal involvement, or names that He might bring to mind that you should forward (for instance we need Board of Administration members from different regions, and we are hiring two new Directors.)Listen for Bible verses that He may give you, or a clear word that He might have for you or us. Intercede, listen, fast, worship, with your Bible, for your Free Methodist Church in Canada family. Each day let’s also read 2 Chronicles 7:14, and reflect on one element:

Sunday, January 1
A) “If my people which are called by my name”. B) Watch the national service that has been prepared (links will be sent out). C) Thank God for FMCiC! Be thankful for all He has done and is currently doing in our local churches;

Monday, January 2
A) “Will humble themselves and pray”; B) Pray for our pastors, chaplains, church planters and missionaries;

Tuesday, January 3
A) “And seek My face”; B) Pray for our leaders (local boards, National Board of Administration, National Leadership Team.) Pray that we would be a prayerful movement, grounded in Scripture, one in vision and strategy;

Wednesday, January 4 
A) “And turn from their wicked ways”; B) Pray for our New hires (Director of Administrative Services, Director of Church Health & Planting), and new or future pastors, missionaries, chaplains and leaders. Pray that God will raise up new leaders and that we will pay attention / disciple who He is raising up!

Thursday, January 5
A) “I will hear their prayers”; B) Pray for our Ministry of Education, Appointments and Guidance (MEGAP), Study Commission on Doctrine (SCOD), Nominating Committee, Management Committee, Racial Justice & Ethnic Equity Task Force, LGBTQ2S+ Task Force, and Intergenerational Task Force.

Friday, January 6
A) “I will forgive their sins”; B) Pray for our Intercultural Engagement Team (“missions”) as this team mobilizes us to be responsive as a movement to local, national and international mission. See IET’s recent highlights bulletin.

Saturday, January 7
A) “I will heal their land”; B) FMCIC Teams: National Prayer Team, Retired Ministers (Engagement and Support), Church Health, Leadership Development, Church Planting, Women in Ministry, Personnel Team and Generosity Team.