Open Doors Open Hearts: The Value of Ministry to New Immigrants

My family and I were introduced to Grapeview Free Methodist by our Ghanaian friends when we first landed in Canada in 2015. I came to Canada as an international student. The church was so welcoming and became our home and family.  It made it easier for us to settle as new immigrants because people were willing to offer help in different ways as and when needed.

We have been active members of the church over the years in various ways. Not only was I elected our church delegate to conference, I teach in Sunday School and my husband and I serve on the worship team. We have also become in involved in our churches outreach ministries, including a local breakfast program for homeless people in partnership with other churches. Recently our church has started partnering with International Student Ministries Canada ( at the local university where I studied. This ministry serves international students by welcoming them with a monthly dinner, English conversation groups and one-on-one conversation practice with volunteers. Students are also invited to join discovery Bible studies to learn more about Christianity in a non-threatening environment. Last week at this Bible study, the question was asked what students knew about the Bible. One student replied, “I have heard of the Bible but I have never seen or touched one before.” Many of these students come from countries where the church is restricted in its access. This Sunday one of our church volunteers brought an Asian student who was curious to know more about Christians. This has become another way our church is taking responsibility for our community especially to international students.

We consider ourselves blessed to be members of this great community of believers and are eager to serve because as the Lord commands “…freely have you received, freely give.”


Sarah Sam Amafu
Delegate at Grepeview FM Church