May 2023 Update

Monthly National Prayer Meeting Requests & Zoom Links: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

1) For our pastors: blessing & gratitude be upon them, courage & strength, clear vision of God’s direction, renewed with energy, increase of focus & wisdom, love will surround & encourage them.

2) That churches will see and seize the opportunities to share the gospel during the summer season.

3) That the joy of the Lord would fill our churches as we rest in His love and promises.

4) That God’s presence would be manifested at our camps this summer.

5) That every church will have someone designated as a Prayer Point Person to help catalyze prayer.

6) That more and more of our people will be growing in prayer and helping to develop “the dome of prayer”.

7) That the Lord will guide the Bishop and BOA in choosing someone as Director of Church Health soon.

8) “That the Holy Spirit will teach us how we can bear witness and also encounter the incarnate Christ through all cultures” (Adam Kline – Lead of Intercultural Engagement Team) 

9) That the Regional Gatherings will be times of deepening our unity in truth and love.

10) That the Lord of the Harvest would raise up pastors for the 25 churches looking for shepherds.

11) That the physical fires out West will be quenched, but the spiritual fires in our movement will be fanned.