Lorne Park Foundation exists to support The Free Methodist Church in Canada in the education and training of pastoral and lay leaders.

Lorne Park College operated a Christian high school and Bible college for over 40 years in the Toronto area, at Port Credit. The Free Methodist Church, from its birth in 1860 has been committed to providing
high quality training for its leaders, both clergy and laity.

Founded in 1924, the purpose of Lorne Park College was to educate young people in a Christian environment, especially for full-time Christian service, but also in general education. It was granted a Provincial charter in 1928, a document that is still in force today.

When its campus ministry was closed in 1966, the assets were used to establish the Lorne Park Foundation. Since that time, bequests and donations have helped the fund grow to 2.3 million dollars.

The Lorne Park Foundation, since 1966, has maintained this endowment program to ensure that future generations would have financial assistance to pursue higher education in a Christian theological setting.

Continuing Ministry
The capital inv
ested by Lorne Park Foundation produces income that provides financial assistance in two ways, through the Leadership Development Ministries Fund of The Free Methodist Church in Canada, and through designated scholarship funds and academic awards, maintained as special endowments, administered by LPF.

Over 2000 different students have received financial assistance from LPF through special scholarships and the Leadership Development Ministries Fund of The Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Chair of Wesley Studies
Lorne Park Foundation, in cooperation with The Free Methodist Church in Canada, The Salvation Army, The Wesleyan Church, the Brethren in Christ and the Church of the Nazarene helps underwrite the financial support for the Donald N. and Kathleen G. Bastian Chair of Wesley Studies at Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, Ontario.

This is achieved through investment income and annual contributions from the five denominations.

Opportunities for Giving
Friends, alumni and supporters of Christian higher education are urged to make donations to continue this outstanding ministry.
Deferred gifts through wills, gift annuities, trust funds and charitable life insurance will help ensure additional funding to strengthen the scholarship program of LPF.

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Lorne Park Foundation Scholarships

For further information, please contact Lorne Park Foundation.

Rev. Lloyd Eyre, President
P.O. Box 871,
Peterborough, Ontario. K9J 7A2
Phone: 705-874-8006
Email: [email protected]

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