Life in the rear-view mirror

Another year has come to a close. With it, the opportunity to look in the ‘rear-view mirror’. This helps us to see where we`ve been and can help us with where we want to go.

Seeing in the mirror where we were wasteful and selfish gives us a picture of what needs to change in order to reflect Christ to the world. Looking at this past year we can ask ourselves: Where was I generous? Where did I give sacrificially (like Jesus)? What was easy for me to be generous with? What was difficult?

Not many people have cheque-books any more, but looking at where you spent your money is another great way to reflect on the past year. Does my spending say what I want it to say about what I believe? Did I live generously?

As helpful as taking time to look back, remember that our hope is in God’s transforming power. I don’t have to be the person I was yesterday, never mind last year! I can be generous where I was once stingy. I can be free where I was once in debt. I can be faithful where I was once foolish.

In reflecting on the past year remember these important keys:

It’s NOT what have I done – because we cannot change the past.
It’s NOT what will I do – because we do not know what tomorrow will bring.
But, IT IS ABOUT what I do now – because this is the moment we have been given.

As you reflect on the last year, be encouraged – not discouraged. Look around in the present with hope not fear. Make this next year about where you can give and not just get. Live generously with everything and everyone. And look forward to the time when God says ‘Well done, good and faithful steward.’

Sandy Crozier is the Stewardship Ministries Director for The Free Methodist Church in Canada