Kelowna Fire Update

A note from Pastor Shonu Ghosh, who pastors one of our Free Methodist Church’s – Mainstreet Community Church – in Kelowna BC:

The fire situation is under control, there are two or three still burning, close by. Terrace Mountain fire, close by is about 85% under control. The fire in West Kelowna has been put out, but the mopping operation is still continuing. The incredible miracle is the only “three houses” were burned and no casualties. Over 17,000 residents were evacuated, but they have gone back home.  One of our own Board Members had to be evacuated.  The first fire started at the Gorman Brothers Lumber stockyard and factory, yet they managed to save the lumber yard, a miracle. 

What is more crucial and anxiety provoking is the ABSOLUTELY HOT weather we have been having, and no rain. The temperature has gone as high as 42C and the low night temperature is about 24C. The smoke is still an enormous concern, especially for the young and the elderly and those with compromised health. Last Saturday there was a brief but heavy thunder shower and we got much needed rain but the lightning started over one hundred fires, though the firefighters managed to put them out.

All of Kelowna is appreciative of the prayers and calls.  Please keep remembering us.