January 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our January 27, 2021 National Prayer Meeting

1. For Bishop Cliff’s wife’s family as the grieve the loss of her brother who just passed away leaving a wife and 4 children behind.

2. That our churches will understand the times we are in and know how to make the most of them and be refined like pure gold for His glory so that we are making more and better disciples.

3. That God will guide the National Prayer Team and the National Leadership Team to know how to help our movement to seek God’s face through prayer and the study of His Word in much greater ways this year.

4. That as we wrestle with the Scriptures to understand how to live holy lives in these times, God will give us understand of what His Word says and how we should courageously live in these days of change.

5. That God will use the pandemic to help bring our nation to realize that we need God’s help to deal with this problem and begin to call on Him for that help.

6. That God would vindicate the Christian campus ministry called “Power to Change” (formerly Campus Crusade), that have recently been deratified by the University of Saskatchewan Student Union so that they can no longer freely operate on the campus like other student organizations. They feel they must take this to court for the sake of religious for all Christian campus groups.

7. Peace for our US neighbours and that God’s people will be peace-makers.

8. That the Anti-conversation Bill C-6 will be revised so that parents, pastors and counsellors will not be outlawed from helping our youth and anyone else desiring help, to sort out their gender confusion and make healthy decisions without coercion from either side of this issue.

9. Changing the bill on euthanasia, that extend euthanasia to people who are not dying, that has received third reading in the House of Commons and will be better guard the sanctity of life when it comes before the Senate committee.

10. That the president of Evangelical Fellowship of Canada will have a full recovery from the COVID virus and so will others in our movement who have contracted it.