Witnesses in our Jerusalem
1. The church has an outward focus and an intentional evangelism program in its community.

2. The church is exhibiting concern and consistent prayer for the lost with an understanding of the church’s obligation to the poor and disenfranchised.
3. The pastor is leading in developing this outward orientation and in personal outreach.

Witnesses in our Judea
4. The church is involved in initiating or partnering in the planting of a new church in an unreached community.

Witnesses in our Samaria
5. The church is involved in ministry with international students, New Canadians, inner-cities, First Nations peoples, other language groups , or unreached people groups – or is partnered with churches so involved.

Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth
6. Local-Global ministry awareness is integrated in all outreach, worship and educational programs of the church.
7. The church has an ongoing system for encouraging short and long-term involvement from local members in global ministry.
8. The church is regularly sending short-term workers or ministry teams on global ministry assignments.
9. The church is making a support commitment (financial, prayer, care) to at least one missionary unit (single or couple).
10. Some of the church’s leaders (pastor/board) are involved in global ministry assignments regularly.


Financial support for Core Giving (10%) is maintained and contributions to Giving Streams represent over 10% in comparison to the church’s operating budget. (Church Development, Other Culture Ministries, Scholarships and Global Ministries)


Antioch Commitment
11. The church is partnering with the international Free Methodist family in a strategic initiative to reach a Gateway City. (involves commitment of both personnel and resources)