Below are videos from General Conference 2011

Skip to minute 18:50 for Bishop Keith to begin

Skip to minute 23:10 for Bishop Roller to begin

Skip to minute 1:18:15 for Systems Analysis Task Team Report to begin

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Below is audio from General Conference 2011

{audio}Bishop David Roller Session 1|Bishop Roller Session 1.mp3{/audio}
{audio}Bishop David Roller Session 2|Bishop Roller Session 2.mp3{/audio}
{audio}Bishop David Roller Session 3|Bishop Roller Session 3.mp3{/audio}
{audio}Healthy Churches 2 & NMEGAP|Healthy Churches 2 & NMEGAP.mp3{/audio}
{audio}Healthy Churches 3 & Complimentary Resolutions|Healthy Churches 3 & Complimentary Resolutions.mp3{/audio}
{audio}Saturday Afternoon Session|Saturday Afternoon Session.mp3{/audio}
{audio}Study Commission on Doctrine Report|Study Commission on Doctrine Report.mp3{/audio}
{audio}Sunday Morning Service -Bishop Keith’s Message|Sunday Morning Service -Bishop Keith’s Message.mp3{/audio}
{audio}Systems Analysis Report – Mark MacAllister|Systems Analysis Report – Mark MacAllister.mp3{/audio}
{audio}Systems Analysis Task Team|Systems Analysis Task Team.mp3{/audio}