MentorLink is a worldwide movement and a network for equipping leaders and mentors globally who lead like Jesus and develop others to do the same. We provide:

Encouragement, tools and training for churches, ministries and leaders to mentor and develop mentoring movements of people who live and lead like Jesus.
The provider of the spark or the “fanner” of the existing flame for mentoring to happen well in the uniqueness of each church and ministry.
A World-Wide Leadership Movement Has Begun

MentorLink began in 2000 in Amsterdam, after thirteen leaders from twelve ministries met to consider the need to develop leaders for the rapidly growing worldwide church. Saturation evangelism and church planting had produced enormous global numerical growth, which had also produced a growing leadership shortfall. By the end of 2019, over 95,000 leaders have been trained in 70+ nations with multiplied thousands of leaders impacted to lead like Jesus!

Our Methods are Simple, and Effective!

With MentorLink, an effective mentor joins another in their life journey in order to be God’s instrument in helping them become all that God wants them to become and do all that God wants them to do.

Our mission is to accelerate mentoring within the worldwide body of Jesus.

Our vision is for every believing community, Christlike leaders, and for every leader, Christlike mentors!

Your Invitation to Join

You can be part of this growing movement. Training and excellent resources are available for you, as you seek to lead and train others to lead like Jesus. Contact us anytime to get started!

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Tim Jacobson
Executive Director
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