2:30 – 3:30
Room:  MacIntosh I

Once we come to Christ, we begin a journey of growing as a disciple of Jesus. The local church walks alongside us, teaching us and training us, so that we too can go out into the world and make disciples.  But there is an inescapable part of our daily lives that can be a stronghold of the enemy not easily given up that can destroy our witness and even our families.  Yet, this subject is, for the most part, ignored in our teaching and training as disciples. Why? It is not because God’s Word is silent on the subject – quite the opposite. Could it be that we have unwittingly surrendered ourselves to the culture of Babylon? The subject is money – and we need a way to bring the conversation back into an understanding of discipleship and Godly living.


Jan Kupecz | Financial Discipleship Canada

Like many of you, Jan Kupecz, an experienced ministry and business leader, would rather not think about financial matters, particularly in light of a faith journey. After all, isn’t the topic of money best left to the secular movers and shakers? Doesn’t God want those called to ministry to focus on things eternal?

After many years in the corporate sector leading companies and teams in the IT, legal and financial services industries, Jan finds herself using her leadership skills in a ministry organization committed to a fresh approach to discipleship that will inspire and prepare followers of Jesus to live lives wholly surrendered to Him.

Jan believes the local church is key to the expression of whole life stewardship. She is active in her local church, spending some weekends volunteering as a Debt Coach to those in her church and community who need help and hope and the abundant life Christ came to bring.

Jan and her husband Joe make their home near Ottawa are both active in their local church and enjoy family time with their children and grandchildren.