Upcoming Regional Gatherings

regional-gatheringWho’s invited
Ministers (ordained, commissioned), Delegates, Board chairs, Ministerial Candidates, Retired Ministers and Lay Ministers


  1. To introduce local church leaders to one another so that they can build relationships and potentially give assistance to one another
  2. To vision-cast to lay leaders and pastors between General Conferences
  3. To increase missional momentum, and counter-act feelings of isolation
  4. To facilitate the formation of partnerships through which local churches in a region might respond to
  5. the possibility of planting a church in Canada or sending out a cross-cultural worker to a ministry beyond
  6. Canada or helping one another (e.g. work teams to help one another with construction projects) in other
  7. ways.


  • South/Southwest Ontario @ Brantford on April 17
  • Saskatchewan/Manitoba @ Arlington Beach Camp on May 1
  • Northwestern Ontario/Winnipeg @ Dryden on May 8
  • Eastern Ontario/Quebec @ Athens on May 15
  • Northern Ontario @ Sault Ste Marie on May 29
  • Alberta @ Ellice on June 5
  • British [email protected], Nicola Valley Evangelical
  • Free Church on June 12

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