September 2022 Update

Monthly National Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2022

Here are some things we will be praying about and hope you can join with us personally if you are not able to join with us corporately. Pastors, Prayer Point People and all they invite are welcome to be a part of this time of prayer. Here are some of the concerns and needs we will be praying for as we focus in on “Intergenerational Ministry:”

1) “Please pray for our pastors as they meet together this week in Saskatoon, and the Eastern pastors meet next week at Wesley Acres Campground. The Leadership Development Team has helped shape this event, and their purpose is to create a space for pastors to be ministered to, be refreshed.” (Bishop Cliff)

2) Strength, vision, courage and faith for the pastor and leaders of our local churches, that they may know what the Lord’s assignment is for them at this time and all that is needed to fulfill it.

That the Lord would reveal any hinderances to our prayers and that we would have the humility, conviction and courage to making things right.

That God would teach us to pray intergenerationally. That He would grant the Intergenerational Ministry Task Force insight and faith to help our churches to reach every age group and every age group become involved in the Great Commission.

5) That youth leaders will have special wisdom and protection as they seek to” teach them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Mt.28:20).

6) That God would bless the efforts of those churches that have children’s programs that are seeking to reach out into their communities. That the Lord would fill those times with a sense of His favour and blessing and that the children will sense this and want to be part of it.

7) That the Lord would raise up workers needed for the ministries of each church and that collaborative ministries in the community will be united and find the workers needed to advance the kingdom together in their communities.

8) That God would place in authority, in our municipalities and schools, people who will have the values, integrity and fear of the Lord, that will enable them to establish an environment where peace, godliness and the spread of the gospel will flourish.

9) That new prayer initiatives that local churches are planning and launching, will be guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit so that our local churches and the FMCIC will be built up into being a house of prayer for all nations.