What’s Next?

Coming out of Regional Gathering, I was left with the question, “What is needed next for churches and leaders?” For those who were not there, we met virtually (again) and talked about Covid (again).  We lamented together as we talked about what we had lost.  We praised together as we […]

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Moving Forward

When the FMCIC shifted from an annual General Conference meeting to our current pattern, meeting once every three years, World Conference required that we still find a way to connect annually. The solution was an annual Regional Gathering. In 2019, for instance, we held 12 Regional Gatherings across the country.

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Precious in His Sight

During Christmas last year, I found myself in a peculiar conversation. Let me recollect the incident for you, Dave and I ventured off for what we hoped to be the “last Costco run” before Christmas. While Dave was at the self-checkout, I walked through to the end of the aisle

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Pension Deficit Freedom

One of the most thrilling experiences in life is to be released from debt!  Churches and families alike gather and celebrate being debt free with things like burning their mortgage. Being debt free is something that affects us physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. This year, at our Regional/Spring Gathering, we

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How are you?

As you read through this issue of the MOSAIC, you will hear personal stories, challenges, and reflections about mental health. defines mental health as, “the state of your psychological and emotional well-being. It is a necessary resource for living a healthy life and a main factor in overall health.

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The Shame ‘n Blame Game

Mental health.  If you pay any attention to the news and social media, you have seen public interest in mental health increase in recent years.  There has been much talk of “de-stigmatizing” mental illness. Stigma is a fancy sounding and rather abstract word.  I prefer the phrase “shame and blame.”

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