Missionary Debbie Hogeboom’s thoughts on General Conference

Running the Race


Anytime I drive out of my yard to go to town or to church, I am likely to encounter a lone runner or a pack of runners in training.  Kenyans are known worldwide for their skill in long distance running, so my attention was caught by the theme of this year’s General Conference, “we’d better get on with it, strip down, start running, never quit – eyes fixed on Jesus”.

During the last summer Olympics, I learned that a marathon is more than a single man’s event but “country teams” strategize and work together to win the race.  I felt that is what this General Conference set out to do – to motivate, to equip, to energize and to get us going.  Together we strategized to win the race.

I was especially encouraged by the emphasis on getting back to the roots of the Wesleyan tradition – melding together the spiritual disciplines (acts of piety) and acts of compassion – faith demonstrated by works as I understand the apostle, James, to be saying.  Without works, faith is dead.
I appreciated the SCOD report and the resolutions that give teeth to our convictions concerning the dignity of man, the rights to life and a clear direction as to how we obtain and consider our possessions, and simplicity. 

For me, General Conference set us in motion to win the race.  It made me proud to be a Canadian Free Methodist!  The race has begun in earnest and my prayer for the last 3 years has been for transformation (revival) – My prayer is, “Let it begin with me! Let me be all that you intend for me to be.  Make me ready and able to do all you intend for me to do.  Amen!”