Milepost #3 Recommended Resources

Partnership course
The Free Methodist Church views all baptized believers as members of the Body of Christ. We also place a value on working together inter-connectedly with those who have a commitment to the values and practices of our particular Christian faith-family. This study material explores what it means to make a ‘covenant‘ or ‘partnership’ commitment with other leaders of a Free Methodist congregation to work together on a “common playing field.” FMC developed/tested
Bearing Faithful Witness [in development]
If an active disciple has got to this point in their spiritual development without a clear understanding of the why and how of sharing their faith story – this study material is ‘spot on.’ Participants will understand the role of healthy Christian community as the locus of God’s good news taking root in our neighbourhoods; have developed practices that enable relational discernment of seekers; as well as be able to connect their own story of coming to faith in Jesus with the Jesus Story in a manner that communicates good news to friends, family and colleagues. FMC developed/tested
The Tangible Kingdom Primer by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay []
Everyone is talking about community. Everyone seems to want it, but most struggle to find it. The Tangible Kingdom Primer with two specific purposes. To be a spiritual formation tool to prepare your heart for mission and to be a field guide for starting in mission together. This tool amounts to an 8 week spiritual exercise that forms community around a missional worldview and practices.
Twelve sessions deal with habits that foster character, servant attitudes, missional ministry vision, and challenges to leadership integrity. Intended for small group development of persons with leadership capacity. By Greg Ogden.