2:30 – 3:30
Room: Algonquin

Does your church have a global missions ministry?  Have you ever wondered how your congregation could have a more effective global missions ministry?  Over the past 8 years serving with ICCM, I have traveled to FMC’s across our country and have traveled to countries in Africa, and Asia as well as Central and South America and have experienced first hand how our ministry affects children, families, and FMC’s around the world – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Let’s talk about global “partnerships” that are beneficial, respectful and empowering.  Let’s come together and share some exciting new ways to have an effective global missions ministry!!

Paula Moriarity | FMCIC

Paula Moriarity has been serving as the International Child Care Ministries Director for 8 years.  Paula’s role includes working with ICCM leaders around the world, seeing the changes in children’s lives because of sponsorship, building partnerships between Free Methodist Churches in Canada and sharing how God is working through His people here and abroad.  Paula’s passion is people, relationships, and culture – a great mix for this role.

Paula has been part of the FM family since she was a teenager in BC.  She just completed the International Development program at UBC and over the years has made changes to the ICCM sponsorship program that are empowering, impactful and sustainable.

She has been married to Dave for 17 years and they live outside of Ottawa where Dave pastors the FM church in Almonte, ON.  When Paula is not traveling across Canada or abroad for ICCM, you will find her and Dave traveling together to learn more about culture and history.