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Discipleship: Here’s another opportunity that is worth exploring

Frankly leaders you need a plan – a discipleship plan. Not just a program, a class, a discipleship committee, or a dedicated pastor of discipleship. You need a prayerful and thoughtful plan to help Sally, a neighbour that you invited to come play volleyball with you at church volleyball night. Your prayer for Sally is that she would discover God’s love, discover her gifts and use them to disciple others into faith. This plan may involve designated leaders, and particular programs. The plan will include creating a church-wide culture that eats, sleeps and breathes discipleship.

Remember our working definition for “discipleship” (I mean we can’t measure effectiveness without a standard): Discipleship is an intentional, organic and transformative relationship that Jesus modeled for each of us. The purposes of discipleship include:  i) nurturing church family; ii)   learning God’s Word; iii) prayer-worshipping; iv) participating in God’s mission in the world (Matthew 28:19) and v) healing, deliverance, and wholeness in Christ.

My goal is to offer you many different discipleship resources, tools and learning opportunities – this is why networks are now striving to become “discipleship communities” where pastors will mutually disciple one another and bring this experience back into their local churches.

Below is a resource for you to consider in your plan development: Radical Mentoring. It has very good potential, it is free and there is a free coach to help you engage. I interviewed our own Rev. Dr. Jay Mowchenko about a ministry he is currently involved in.

Jay you are involved with “Radical Mentoring”, in fact you are the national director. What is this “ministry” – what’s it about?

JAY: Radical Mentoring (RM) was started by Regi Campbell, who wrote a book called “Mentor Like Jesus.” is a website that people can go to, sign up, and receive all kinds of free stuff, including coaching on how to mentor. I read Regi’s book in 2012 while on sabbatical and bought in. I led 5 groups in the Weyburn FM church. In 2018, when Marilou and I felt God leading us to step out of pastoral ministry for a time, I offered myself as a volunteer to the leaders of the RM ministry. They tasked me with resourcing Canadian leaders who want to mentor. Anyone who signs up for an account on the website will get a call from me and an offer for free coaching.

I noticed, when I went to the US website that it is described as being for men, but you have an opportunity to Free Methodize it! Tell us about that.

JAY: Radical Mentoring began as a men’s ministry, and the fellows in Atlanta have their hands full with the demands of that specific niche in the US. There is a smaller, partner ministry for women, inspired by RM, located at It’s based on the same philosophy and structure, offering all their resources for free. They don’t have the ability to offer coaching support, though.

As I’ve begun my work as an RM leader, the people who are approaching me for coaching are almost equally split male/female. RM has no theological position on women in ministry, but because of their clear focus on men, their resources might give you the impression that they oppose or ignore women in ministry. This is not the case. They have given me free reign to adapt RM to meet the needs of whomever feels called to mentor. If a woman signs up on the website, I’ll happily coach them! As far as “Free Methodizing” RM goes, I have some hopes of building a truly Canadian arm of RM that incorporates both RM and Titus 2 into one ministry, and that advocates for women in leadership.

What’s this ministry meant to your life and ministry?

JAY: It’s tough not to give in to hyperbole. I love mentoring. I was hooked from the first meeting. At the end of every group, I am blown away with what God can do in a year with a group of people. Words like “transformed,” “whole,” and “miraculous” come to mind. About a third of my graduates are running or planning to run mentor groups, while a majority of them are mentoring in some form or another. Every single person who graduates from a mentor group emerges as a significant contributor to the church in some way. It changes the trajectory of a person’s life.

I feel like mentoring allowed me the opportunity to really dig into important issues in peoples’ lives, in a way that resulted in real change, increased influence and multiplication. Make no mistake, it requires a significant amount of work to sift through your life to find God’s work in you. It takes time and effort to organize and run the group. The power of the group is based on your willingness to be vulnerable and open about your struggles. But the payoff is well worth the price tag!

You and I spoke about discipleship in FMCiC. How do you see this as an opportunity for our pastors and churches?

JAY: The basic structure is pretty simple. It’s an accessible and effective model for those who are willing to do the work. As a movement, we are looking for ways to take discipleship to deep levels, and to multiply disciple-makers. I think this is a great way to make that happen. Buy and read Regi’s book, then go to the website and sign up – you’ll be hearing from me! It’s free!!!

Jay Mowchenko’s contact info is:
Founder, Shalom Leadership
[email protected]
Church Planting Coach, FMCiC
[email protected]
Director of Ministry Development – Canada, Radical Mentoring
[email protected]

The easiest way for us to connect is for you to look at your calendar and find a time that works by scheduling some time here –


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