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Central Payroll

Central Payroll is a bank payroll system operated as a service by the FMCIC Ministry Centre



Central Payroll is a bank payroll system operated as a service by the Ministry Centre in Mississauga. It has been enhanced to provide a service to individual churches that are required to be enrolled by December 31, 2008 as a result of changes to the pension plan in 2009. The local official board would need to approve the use of this service before making application to add employees. By charging a fee for each employee the cost of operation will be shared by all.

The service provided consists of a semi-monthly pay cycle. Pays are directly deposited to the employee’s bank account on pay-day and a stub mailed to the employee’s address. If the pay goes to a credit union the deposit may take a day longer. Pay days are on the 15th and last day of the month. If the pay date falls on a weekend or a holiday the pay date moves to the previous business day.

Deductions will be taken as indicated on the Employee Information sheet. Statutory deductions along with employer’s share will be remitted to Canada Revenue Agency under (CRA) in trust on behalf of an individual church who is the employer, under our PD7A (E) number. Pension and  group insurance deductions and/or contributions will be properly accounted for in the pay cycle. At the end of the year, T4’s and T4A’s will be issued.

The T4’s for the first year will cover only the portion of the year that the employee was on the system.
The cost of the pay, gross plus employer contributions plus processing fee by employee will be communicated to the church treasurer at month end by a detailed statement. The cost to each church will be automatically debited to the church bank account on the payroll debit date. Insufficient funds will cause a debit to reject. Therefore, it is imperative to take steps to ensure that funds will be available in case of a shortage in the account (overdraft protection, transfer from another account).

Each church will be in control of the pay for their personnel and must take responsibility for communicating changes to be made at the time the change is effective (in the current cycle). Retroactive changes should be avoided if possible. Changes must be received by the Ministry Centre a week ahead of pay date and should be written on an Employee Information Form. The service charge for processing will be $7.00 per pay per person salary paid. Hourly paid $10.00 per pay because of hourly rates and variable hours on each pay.

An acceptable application for a payroll addition will include: an Employee Information Form, a TD1 federal and TD1 provincial, Pension Application Form, Group Insurance Application Form (any/all that are applicable).

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