Stewardship – it’s not just about money. Or time, Or talent. It’s really about faith. It’s about deepening our faith in God. It’s about a heart change, a mind change, a whole life change. It’s about transformation – whole life transformation that is so awesome, it even surprises us.

It’s about surrender. Surrendering ourselves to Christ. Returning our money, our time, and our talent to its rightful owner – God.

When we come to believe and understand that all we have – our possessions, money, time, talents – are on loan from God, are gifts from God, we are then ready to use them for His purposes and His glory. For many of us, getting to this point is a long process. It doesn’t often happen overnight. And often the lessons need to be relearned as we earnestly seek to be Christ like.

When we understand God’s role – God created everything, God owns everything, and God is our provider – and our role is simply to be a faithful steward, every aspect of our lives will be impacted. It will impact our work, our leisure time, how and where we use our talents, our family, our friends, our possessions and our money.

In what areas of your life are you a good steward? Where do you fall short? Do you wish you made better use of your time? Do you wish you used and invested your money more wisely? Are there skills, abilities, talents God has given you that you could be giving back to Him? Do you wish you could be more generous?