First Nations and Forgiveness

“As your church considers how to respond to First Nations folks in your community you may want to participate in this event. The Journey of Freedom started on the West Coast at the end of Feb and will visit towns and reserves across the country on their way to Ottawa. Check their website to see where they are stopping near you”.

Dan Sheffield, Director of Intercultural and Global Ministries

“We are hoping to bring up to 7,000 guests from across Canada and other nations. We have invited the Prime Minister, MP’s, First Nations, Inuit and Metis leaders, church leaders and as many people as would hear the call to gather at this time.

As you know, forgiveness is not a typical item on political or legislative agendas – it is spiritual, and I believe our Prime Minister of Canada, understood the significance of this necessity and chose on June 11, 2008 to impart a genuine apology to our people, and asked the forgiveness of our people for failing them so profoundly.

With the help of God, in our journey of healing, we can forgive. We must all come to that place where we can all enjoy the full benefits of freedom that forgiveness imparts. A national summit on forgiveness is being called for June 11-13, 2010 and to be held at the Ottawa Civic Centre.

A national coalition of individual First Nations, Inuit and Métis will gather to formally and publicly extend forgiveness to the Government of Canada, the churches of Canada and to the people of Canada.

In preparation for this spiritual response, Gathering Nations International will coordinate a Journey of Freedom where delegates will travel to aboriginal communities and churches throughout Canada to prepare the hearts of our people and nation to release forgiveness.

We invite all the pastors and leaders of Ottawa to be a part of the Journey of Freedom and to the national summit on forgiveness. A strong presence of the church of Ottawa leadership will be a strong positive message to our people and to our nation.

Let’s move toward a greater spiritual healing and freedom for our people and nation.

We need to define every possible expression of partnership in this initiative.”

Kenny Blacksmith
Founder of Gathering National International