Devastating Flood in the Philippines

supplies arrive to philippines

Taken from the Bishop’s Notes

“I have been in email communication with Bishop Tuan in the Philippines. No doubt you are aware of the devastation there from tropical storms. Teams taking relief to devastated areas have heard many testimonies of God’s hand of protection. Bishop Tuan wrote about one lady who testified that she was able to ride on a board and found herself on another island, only to find out that her daughter was there as well! Sadly, her mother has not yet been located. The Bishop’s Relief Fund of the FMCIC is sending $5000 to help our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. I am so thankful that because of your giving to World Relief Sunday, we have funds available to help in devastating circumstances like they are facing. Please pray for these brothers and sisters as they minister compassion and hope in the name of the Lord Jesus. There are pictures in the Photo Gallery sent by Bishop Tuan.”

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