December 2020 Update

Answers to Prayer

  • Recently, Bishop Cliff mentioned that there were a number of the pastoral families of our Quebec churches that were dealing with a variety of health issues. Since then, prayers have been offered up for them and there has been marked improvements. Pastor Philippe (regional leader of Quebec) relayed what one pastor reported: “I thank all my immediate supervisors, Pastors Édrice, Philippe, Nathan and Zidor, who took to heart, with sustained attention, the difficult situation that my family was going through and showed support like no other in order to prevent the worst consequences of Covid-19 in my home. Thanks to Bishop Cliff and his team especially to the Pastor responsible for prayer groups. The latter called me several times but without reply; finally, he found me and he showed a burning desire in prayer for the recovery of all members of my family.”
  • Many of you have been praying for the 15 year old son of Pastor Pierre and Anesie’s who had a serious bicycle accident and was in a coma for many weeks. This is what Pastor Philippe reported: “Prudence is getting better and better. He’s been home for a few weeks. He started walking, talking and eating. There is still a problem in one of his arms that he can’t move well. It is possible that he will have surgery to restore good mobility to his arm. He thanks us for all our prayers that allowed him to see God’s powerful hand to act!”
  • Doug Newton, who shared the teaching on prayer with his wife Margie during our summits, has recovered from the Covid-19 and is doing well.

Prayer Points for our December 30, 2020 National Prayer Meeting

1. That God will open our eyes to see His hand of mercy in our lives this past year and help us to offer our bodies as living sacrifices to Him as our reasonable worship this coming year.

2. That we, as Free Methodist Churches in Canada, will be light to the world this Christmas season and through out 2021.

3. That our country will look to God as the solution for the pandemic rather than to government, scientists, human effort, etc.

4. That Bishop Cliff and the National Leadership Team will stay close to the heart of God and His Word, so that they will know what His will is for our movement at this time, and have the courage and wisdom to lead us in that way.

5. That God would grant our pastors and congregations the strength and resilience of the Holy Spirit to not grow weary of doing good.

6. That the National Prayer Team will know where to go from here in its efforts to help stir up a spirit of prayer within our movement.

7. That we will experience a unity that is based on being one in mind, love, spirit and purpose (Php.2:1,2)