Dalton’s Sri Lanka

I met thirteen year-old Dalton Taylor and the rest of the Encounter Sri Lanka 2014 team – Dan Sheffield, Barry Taylor, Tracey Purdy Taylor, Amy Gendall, Rick Fox and Jaylynne Fox – on July 25th, the evening before they flew to Sri Lanka for a two week mission trip.

the teamDalton elephantDalton drumming  Victory Free Methodist VBS crewDalton preaching Sockess

My chat with Dalton went something like this:

Me: Why Sri Lanka?

Dalton: I have wanted to go on a mission trip since I was eight years old and I felt that God was calling me to go.  And it sounds like a whole different experience.

Me: What are you most looking forward to?

Dalton: Top two things- leading games with the kids at VBS and Family Camp and the little message and talk I’ve prepared.

Me: Any sightseeing requests?

Dalton: I want to swim in the Indian Ocean.

Me: Anything you are worried about?

Dalton: I’m not at all a fan of rice and that is the main food item.  I’m worried that if I can’t eat it I will insult someone.

Well, I chatted with Dalton upon his return from Sri Lanka and the experience got a big thumbs up.  He didn’t insult anyone, he did dip his feet in the Indian Ocean, he did have a blast with the kids and he does plan to participate in another mission trip.

Dalton agreed to document  his trip and share it with all of you.  This awesome video is the result: