CliffsNotes – November 27, 2018

What About “Missions” Part 2: The Wrights

Last week I sent out the third initiative in our 3 Year Ministry Plan: Intercultural Engagement Team. I mentioned that we are hiring (leaders, we’d love to receive recommendations – click here for the link for the job description). Today I’m very happy to let you know about another important ‘go-forward’ piece for Intercultural Engagement (“missions”) and for us as a movement: the Wrights and Francophone ministry. I’ll let them tell you about it in their own words:

  1. You’ve been prayerfully discerning your next steps, what do you feel you are being called to?

We have been feeling God call us (back to where we started) to Francophone Ministries. In the late 90’s we took youth teams into Quebec and discovered that French Canada is one of the most unreached people in the world with less than 1% of the population being evangelical Christians. The situation is very similar in France and French speaking Belgium and as a result there are very limited Christian resources in French. Our goal is to help encourage and support our bi-vocational pastors in these areas with cross cultural and theological training and resources to better enable them to reach their communities while assisting with oversight of the work in Niger. We hope to encourage youth cultural exchanges between our churches in southern Ontario (and perhaps beyond Ontario) and the youth in Quebec to build community, encourage the discipleship process and serve the body, expanding their world and view of the church and maybe encouraging the next generation of FM missionaries!

  1. Because this is a very new idea and work, how will you spend your time in the first few months?

We are visiting our supporting churches to get the word out and generate prayer & support for this new endeavour while we also hope to assemble and equip a team to be involved in a youth exchange sometime this summer. We are presently involved in getting certified to teach TESOL so that we have a natural service entry for reaching out to new Canadians and international students wherever we relocate to. We have been very involved in ministry to international students at our local university and we will continue to be involved in that through the end of the school year and look for ways that we might be involved in that sort of thing in Quebec (or Europe sometime in the future).  Sometime in the next six months we will be making a trip to Niger to follow up on the ministry there and hopefully connect with the Africa Area Director for the FMC USA who has agreed to help us oversee the work there and on route we hope to connect with the FMC USA missionaries in Europe that have asked for our help with the work in France & in Belgium to explore what we can do to help with the work there.

  1. How can churches be involved?

Pray! Pray for the Lord’s leading; for His connections and divine appointments. Pray for those that would be lead to be involved in these exchanges and all the details involved in that. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the French speaking world (and the rest of Canada while you are at it!) that they would have a hunger for the things of God. Pray that we would have clear direction on where and when (and if) we should be moving to Quebec. Pray for our family as we will likely be leaving the boys and aging parents behind should we move.

And pray, churches, about supporting the Wrights financially and the Global Missions Giving Streams.

Two more things…

This weekend I enjoyed very much the opportunity, co-incidentally, being in “la belle province”! On Sunday morning I spoke in Pastor Pierre Zidor’s church family, and in the afternoon I lead my first ordination service in French, for Pastor Pierre. Felicitations Pasteur Pierre! Pasteur Pierre had been working in the insurance business when he received his call into pastoral ministry. He has worked bi-vocationally, finished his Masters of Divinity at Acadia while pastoring a growing congregation in Rosemont. Inspiring. I pray that I have the opportunity to lead many more French ordination services.

Finally, I thought you’d appreciate reading this article about our Westport FM. It’s their community acknowledging that the Westport FM Church is accepting responsibility for the community! Thank you Westport. Again inspiring! Here’s a question church leaders: “what would we want to be in the local newspaper for?”

Pierre Zidor Ordination


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