CliffsNotes – February 8, 2022

A Convoy & A People of Peace

FMCiC, we must distinguish ourselves as a people of peace. I believe that it is God’s heart for us in this season. People of peace (Jesus-people) are Jesus-centered, firmly rooted in Scripture, and prayer, while also being exceedingly humble, hospitable, and loving. Peace is not passive, it passionately pursues justice and freedom; it is courageous, sacrificial, creative and generous. This is the kind of Church that Canada needs.

A friend of mine posted on the wonderfully constructive conversation forum, Facebook (that line was sarcasm), a positionally neutral comment about the “Freedom Convoy”. For the next 24 hours his page lit up! Passionately angry comments for and against (by my count it was a pretty even divide). Most were Christians. There was name calling (“stupid”, “ignorant”), and spiritualizing (“the truckers represent truth”, “God’s brave ones”). I have no desire to debate this with you, I want only to remind you dear brothers and sisters, that we are called to be PEOPLE OF PEACE in all circumstances. We should be the world’s best listeners, discussion-ers (I just made English teachers cringe!), and perhaps in this situation, mediators.

Do I believe in Canada? Yes. Do I love my freedom to choose, to speak out respectfully, to protest, to vote, to worship? Absolutely. I respect and value Canadians who live into these. Should a Christian Canadian express their political opinions or for that matter any other opinion? For sure but I would recommend that the believer would take a moment to consider the following before venturing into any conversation:

Begin with a Nehemiah-type prayer (desperate, brief, quick and attuned to the Spirit): “Lord should I participate in this conversation? If so how?”

Who is in the “room” hearing me? A) Do I know where they stand with Jesus (because, before you make a good point, you are first of all responsible to point others to Jesus)? B) Is my contribution to the conversation drawing people closer to Jesus or giving them another reason to move away from Him?

Ephesians 4:1-6 check:

• Am I being humble or proud? What’s the difference, and how will I know which I am?
• Am I being gentle? Would others in the room consider me gentle?
• Am I being patient with views that are not my own, and with difficult people?
• Am I showing forbearance?

What is the best possible outcome of this conversation? What is the worst possible outcome of me being in this conversation?

Seldom is social media a good platform for constructive conversation! Almost never!

Today I read a proposal for Christian leaders in Ottawa to consider inviting government leaders and protest leaders to come to the table. This is exactly the stuff that a people of peace should think about, and pursue.

I have no desire to debate the convoy with you, but I do want to remind you, whether you support it or not, you represent the God of Peace, who invites you into a Covenant of Peace, through Jesus the Prince of Peace, who is all about the Gospel of Peace. PEACE!

Pastors, I just heard that only 8 of you have submitted your annual report! My team is standing by, excited to watch them pour in this week!


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