Church Stewardship

How do you fund the ministry God has called your church to?

Fundraising techniques do work, but as the body of Christ, we are not asked to fundraise for the church budget. We are called to make generous disciples. Because generosity itself is how we display God’s kingdom, it is an important part of discipleship and how it is how we work together in God’s mission.

This is all part of Church Stewardship – making the most of people’s donations to God.  It requires fiscal accountability, transparency and good communication which builds trust in the leadership and connects people to your vision and mission.

­­We have developed several free tools available for your church that can help:

  • Narrative Budget (connecting the budget to the vision and mission of the church)
  • Digital Giving
  • Treasurers Guide
  • Grant Search/Writing
  • Asset Mapping
  • Generosity Coaching
  • Financial Fitness Seminars and Small Groups
  • Stewardship Seminars and Workshops

All of these resources (and more) are available in the Treasurers Guide or by contacting [email protected].