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In preparing to use this Children’s Communion Booklet, it would be a good idea to read the Positional Paper, “The Lord’s Supper,” found on the FMCiC website. This Paper gives some excellent thoughts on the meaning and sacrament of the Lord’s Supper as held by the Free Methodist Church. Some considerations to keep in mind:

1. This booklet was designed for children ages 7 – 12. Obviously, that is a wide range when considering the learning and understanding of concepts by children. It is difficult to produce one set of materials that will be simple enough for a 7 year old and challenging enough for a 12 year old. There is also the issue of the amount of Bible background the children already have at the time of going through this material. The use of this booklet needs to be adapted to the children who will be using it. For example, under the section “QUESTIONS,” the age of the child and previous Bible teaching may affect how he/she answers questions such as, “Is the bread really Jesus’ body?” and “Is the wine really Jesus’ blood?” or “What do you think he means, then?”

2. Under the Section “ASK YOUR PARENTS”:
The leader should consider the situation of the children in determining if and how to use this section. Certainly, inviting the input of Christian parents would be a positive step. However, some children are in homes with adults who are not their parents. Some parents/guardians may have very unbiblical ideas about Communion. Other parents/guardians may have a negative view on the whole issue of Communion. The leader should think through the value of using this section depending on the child’s/children’s situations.

An alternative would be to invite one or two reliable guests to the class to share briefly their answers to these questions. (Don’t assume that a special guest will give the appropriate answers. Some guests could confuse the issue more so.)

3. Under the Section “PREPARING FOR COMMUNION”:
It would be helpful if the leader would read through the Positional Paper called “The Lord’s Supper” (FMCiC website), especially the part on “Communion Dread.” There is good guidance here regarding common misunderstandings about preparing for Communion. This will help the leader discuss the steps listed in the booklet. The leader should be sure to emphasize, first of all, that we should focus on Jesus and what He has done for us, and come to Communion with thanksgiving and joy because of Jesus’ love for each of us.


4. If you have further concerns regarding the use of the Booklet, discuss them with your pastor