Church Health

The vision of the Free Methodist Church is to see a healthy church within the reach of every Canadian and beyond. Here are some of the ways that we are currently working to make that happen.


Cynicism Doesn’t Reach a Lost World

It’s always good to have our attitudes challenged a bit and Ed Stetzer’s “Monday is for Missiology: Cynicism Doesn’t Reach a Lost World” did just that for me.   Click here to read “Monday is for Missiology: Cynicism Doesn’t Reach a Lost World.” Cec reCl

Hard Words

This week’s blog post by Ron Edmondson entitled “Hard Words I’d Say to Every Pastor” provides food for thought for pastors (and maybe some issues you need to sort through with a trusted friend) and food for prayer for those who care about their pastor. Click here for to read …

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Church, Make Room for Young Leaders

This week I am sharing a blog post by David Mathis entitled “Church, Make Room for Young Leaders.”   David shares some interesting thoughts on an issue raised by the FMCiC’s recent church health survey  – specifically the question about leaders under the age of 35. Click here to read …

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Something New and Healthy!

So here is something new; actually a couple of things. New thing number one: Church Health Thursday.  With the help of my friend Alison McKinnon, we are going to provide you with a link on Facebook to an article or blog post or something every Thursday.  My hope is that …

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