Rental Subsidy

Rental Subsidy Through the MCDUFF Fund One of the tasks the 2005 General Conference mandated that we find ways to encourage church planting in Major Urban Centres. This initiative proposes unique funding problems.  As you are probably aware real-estate and permanent space in the heart of our Major Urban Centres …

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Embryo Grants

The Embryo Grant was created to provide a limited amount of seed money for church planting projects (those ones that are not yet eligible for subsidy funding) to move their project ahead.Here are some of the things we look for: Association with the Free Methodist Church in Canada. There is …

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Church Planting Subsidy

As the Free Methodist Church in Canada we are trying to put our money where our mouth is in terms of church planting. We have a fund established, through the generosity of local churches, that helps subsidize the beginning budgets of church plants. The reality of the current situation is …

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