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The Multicultural Leader: Developing a Catholic Personality, Second Edition

by Dan Sheffield

GC17 Conference Price: $00.00

This book is intended as a resource for provoking dialogue on the nature of leadership in multicultural congregations. When the first edition was written, more than a decade ago, there
was a limited pool of resources available to help practitioners in the field, even less addressing the Canadian context. Dan Sheffield brought a missiologist’s perspective to this discussion
that had been shaped by lived experience in North America’s multi-ethnic reality and churchplanting experience in post-apartheid, urban South Africa.

Over the past decade, however, a proliferation of resources on multi-ethnic, intercultural, multi-racial, multicultural churches have entered the marketplace. Again, almost all written
through the lens of the American experience, and often, focused on the mechanics of multicultural community, rather than the challenges specific to the leadership task. With
another 15 years under his belt, of working with leaders in multi-ethnic congregations across Canada, USA, Mumbai, Manila, Accra, Bangkok and Budapest, Sheffield brings further
reflection on the development of intercultural leadership skills.

This second edition of The Multicultural Leader deals with the role of congregational leadership in embedding the multicultural vision as a way of “seeing.” The author draws
from various disciplines to develop a profi le of leaders necessary to initiate and sustain the multicultural congregation. Sheffield’s conclusion is that leaders in multi-ethnic congregations
must move through a developmental process from an ethnocentric, monocultural perspective to a multi-ethnic, intercultural approach in order to serve as enablers of multicultural congregations.

Paperback, 160 pages
Published May 21, 2015 by Daniel R Sheffield
ISBN10: 1926798708 (ISBN13: 9781926798707)

Gutsy: (Mis)Adventures in Canadian Church Planting

By Jared Siebert

GC17 Conference Price: $15.00

In the last two decades a gutsy group of Canadian church planters have taken the plunge. They are not content to simply plant churches–they want to plant new kinds of churches. Churches that are responsive to the Canada that will be–not just the Canada that was. Joe Manafo, in his documentary “One Size Fits All?” sought to capture this movement and understand it. He filmed 19 Christian communities that represent a brave exploration of new and evolving forms of church in Canada. This book picks up where that documentary left off. In these pages you’ll hear the unvarnished truth about what it’s like to pioneer over the long haul. You’ll read both the good and the bad. The adventures and misadventures. In these pages are the seeds of our future and the principles we’ll need to get there. If you’re connected with or have ever considered planting a new kind of church in the Canadian context this book is for you.

Published September 30th 2016 by New Leaf Network Press
ISBN: 0995305404 (ISBN13: 9780995305403)

Becoming His Story: Inspiring Women to Leadership

by Mary-Elsie Wolfe

GC17 Conference Price: $15.00

We are participating in changes that will soon define this period in history! As followers of Jesus, we want to immerse ourselves in this living story while learning from Jesus, living like Jesus and leading like Jesus so we may apply his principles and become transformational participants in the best story ever told. Gaining God’s full blessing in partnership
with what he is doing in our world today needs everyone engaged—not just some! It becomes our duty to help instill a sense of identity and worth in both genders in a biblical way that will lead us to the full uninhibited potential of Christ’s church as we carry out his mandate.

With a view towards helping us understand these principles by first identifying our own worldview and then better understanding the culture in which Jesus lived, the author applies the values of Jesus to the model for leadership today. Mary-Elsie Wolfe offers us a vision for the future that is leading-edge yet moderate, traditional yet progressive. Drawing upon key Bible stories of women in Jesus’ day, she looks at the prominence of women in the early church and then applies key principles in an effective way for our day, enlarging our view of the future as believers.

If we want to lead like Jesus, as Jesus defines leadership for us, we must apply these foundational leadership principles to our times while still wrapping everything in the truth of the love of God for his people and his work.

Mary-Elsie Wolfe is a communicator, Faith Builder, and passionate leader focused on investing in people’s potential. With leadership experience in both corporate and not-for-profit
environments, she has a natural affinity for people and networking. Her doctoral dissertation tackled culture, leadership and global impact. Mary-Elsie loves to steer people toward good questions about God and have them consider the life impact of their answers. Her two daughters, both competitive dancers, make her a dance mom! They, with her husband, keep her humble, busy and inspired. Mary-Elsie pastors with her best friend and husband, Grant, in St. Catharines, ON. She holds a DMin from Fuller, an MDiv from Tyndale and an undergraduate in politics.

Published:April 3, 2017
Publisher:BayRidge Books
ISBN10: 1927355524 (ISBN13: 9781927355527)

John Wesley Haley and Building the Indigenous Church: Reflections on Self-Determination in Twentieth Century Burundi

Edited by John McCready

GC17 Conference Price: $15.00

A relatively unknown Canadian Free Methodist minister, J. W. Haley (1878-1951) served, along with his family, as a church-planter and pastor in Saskatchewan and Ontario as well as a missionary in Mozambique and South Africa (1902-1934); finally initiating new ministry in Burundi and Rwanda (1935-1946).

Following a conventional missionary career in Southern Africa, Haley was challenged by the work of Roland Allen and others regarding the indigenous church building model. In the early 1930s, in his fifties, Haley explored and then initiated a new ministry model in Ruanda-Urundi (a Belgian protectorate) seeking to build an indigenous church “right from the beginning.”

At the heart of this book is a manuscript on building the indigenous church. A featured speaker at the 1949 EFMA Conference in Chicago, Haley spoke from his experience of respecting the work of the Holy Spirit in empowering local ministry initiative, at a time of unprecedented turmoil on the international missionary stage. Haley seems to have sat down to flesh out his principles and practice in writing, following that speaking engagement, and was working on this previously unpublished manuscript at the time of his death.

The book also features an overview of Haley’s life and missionary career, an update on the present ministry of e Free Methodist Church in Burundi, and an examination of Haley’s contemporary influences in the manuscript with reflection from a current missiological perspective.

Published: Octobier 15, 2015,
Publisher: John McCready
ISBN10: 1926798716 (ISBN13: 978-1926798714)

Conversations of Grace: Testimonies of Blessings, Faith, Miracles and Courage

by Bramalea Free Methodist Church

GC17 Conference Price: $10.00

The congregation at Bramalea Free Methodist Church (BFMC) is a diverse group of Christian believers, of all ages, who have contributed Testimonies of Blessings, Faith, Miracles and Courage. We hope that you will be encouraged by the joys, tears and lessons that we share from our personal experiences, learn a little about our church, and enjoy the scriptural knowledge builders. Have you felt the joy of answered prayer or does God seem distant? Can you see His faithfulness and protection in your circumstances, or is there no hope in your heart? Whether you are curious about how God works in our lives, or whether you are seeking comfort, we pray that you will use this book to start your own “Conversations of Grace” with Him.

Published November 16th 2016
Published by Bramalea Free Methodist Church
ISBN: 0995153108 (ISBN13: 9780995153103)