Lisa Howden

CliffsNotes – May 25, 2021

A Free Methodist Podcast & Prayer Part 3 Let me begin by mentioning our New Heights FM podcast series called “Re”. I was especially appreciative of a candid, fresh and wise interview with Amy Caswell-Bratton – I recommend it to you. Thanks, New Heights and Amy! This is part 3 […]

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CliffsNotes – May 18, 2021

A Job Opportunity & Challenging our Definition of Prayer First an invitation to consider (for yourself or someone you know) the wonderful ministry opportunity of working as the Administrative Assistant to the Bishop! The Ministry Center team is a committed, competent, loving work-family. Though the incumbent will be required to

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CliffsNotes – May 11, 2021

How Should We Pray for Afghanistan A girl’s school in Afghanistan was bombed last week and 85 people died. Another 147 are injured. How should we pray? I have strong and hateful feelings towards the bombers and their beliefs I ache for the parents of each child: the crushing loss,

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CliffsNotes – May 4, 2021

A Great Question The central question is, Are the leaders of the future truly men and women of God, people with an ardent desire to dwell in God’s presence, to listen to God’s voice, to look at God’s beauty, to touch God’s incarnate Word, and to taste fully God’s infinite

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CliffsNotes – April 27, 2021

Rules of [Email] Engagement Over the next 3 years we will be discussing controversial topics – we, as Church, have to be addressing these very important issues. Do you remember when the hot, and even divisive topics of debate within Churches were the use of drums (someone once gave me

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CliffsNotes – April 13, 2021

General Conference June 5-6… But first, a Sabbath Week Dear Chaplains, Pastors, Delegates, Board chairs, and all those who call FMCiC home, What usually happens at General Conference time is members of Conference take time off to travel to and from the event, and obviously three days attending the actual

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CliffsNotes – April 6, 2021

The God Who Makes Us Smile… A friend of mine experienced the tragedy of a house fire last week. It was devastating to she and her husband. They lost a lot: treasures, pictures (especially pictures), collections (she had a series of rare and meaningful books), and art. Irreplaceable. I sent

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CliffsNotes – March 30, 2021

BOA & THANK YOU FMCiC FOR GIVING GLOBALLY On Friday and Saturday your Board of Administration met. We listened carefully to each other, prayed, made important decisions and laughed together. I am confident that each member feels valued. I believe that this BOA is an example of a very healthy

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