And the Admissions Officer of the Year award goes to . . . Philip Kay

We would like to congratulate Philip Kay for having received “The Admissions Officer of the Year” award from the NACCAP (North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals). Phil won the award in recognition for an outstanding admissions/counseling officer at Tyndale University College and Seminary where he serves as Senior Director of Admissions and Marketing.

The nomination came from a member of Phil’s staff:

“I cannot express how deeply I appreciate Phil and his level of excellence in his leadership in the admissions department. He has developed the department and its staff to a family that cares for one another, and get the job done with care and passion. He is a great leader who teaches by example. Not only has he trained the staff to offer excellent counseling and discernment for potential students, by he has developed/fine tuned a system for admissions that is incredible. The work that Phil has done allows us to have increased our enrollment at an average of over 20% year after year.

What I appreciate about Phil:

  1. He is dedicated to his family and a great Dad
  2. He cares for his fellow admissions staff, not only looking at the numbers, but concerned about our Spiritual and personal lives
  3. He is a computer whiz, allowing us to do our work better through excellent technology
  4. He is a great networker, and he actively supports the admissions work of other colleges in our region. He knows that if other colleges succeed then it is kingdom growth and a blessing to all of us.
  5. He is creative and dedicated
  6. He seeks to develop his staff, knowing that a well-trained and cared for staff leads to a healthy and Godly environment, as well as success in our tasks
  7. He is very Christ-like in his approach to life and work, not seeking the limelight, but setting the example of a servant/leader

It is an honour to work with Phil, and we look forward to developing the school and growing the kingdom of God together.”

Phil Kay commented after receiving the award, “I feel very honoured and humbled at the same time. I believe I was eligible for this award due to God putting me at an institution where He clearly has a plan for growth and has put a fantastic staff in place to make the growth happen. It seems like this might be the first time this award has been given to a person working at a Canadian institution.  It has been thrilling to work in a place where God is so clearly leading. We have much to be thankful for at Tyndale and it is gratifying to be recognized for participating in that work. I am very appreciative of these kind words and also take them as a challenge to continue to do better in all areas.”

Well done!