The Free Methodist Church in Canada is rooted in historic, orthodox Christianity, tracing our influences from the teachngs of the early Church Fathers, the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Anabaptist movement, the Methodist Church, the Holiness movement and the wider Evangelical movement.

John Wesley contributed significantly to the development of what the FMCiC is today as the founder of Methodism.  BT Roberts, the founder of the Free Methodist Church was passionate about and committed to meeting the needs of the poor and disenfranchaised.

A review of our historical church documents outlining who, as the Free Methodist Church we are, shows a longstanding commitment to living simply, caring for the poor, and stewarding our health, time and finances.

More recently, the FMCiC Study Commission on Doctrine created a positional paper entitled “Defining the Elements of a Methodist Ethos.” An excerpt from this paper follows:

A passion for social holiness and justice for all – Because we believe in eschatological responsibility, Methodists experience anguish at ever increasing affluence (and the concomitant spiritual deterioration and unwillingness to make sacrifices for others) and are committed to actually helping as salt and light in the world.

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